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Do you remember the last time your commercial roof was inspected? Have you noticed your commercial roof is showing signs of wear and tear due to weather and other issues? It might be time to find a commercial roofing company to perform an inspection.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Are you looking for a qualified commercial roofing company to inspect your commercial or industrial roof? Flat Roofs by Pegram has been providing commercial and residential roofing services in Hampton Roads for over 40 years and has countless satisfied customers. See reviews on our homepage.

Do I Need A Commercial Roof Replacement?

Our crew of licensed and insured roofing contractors is ready to inspect your roof. We’ll perform a diligent roof inspection, reviewing everything from storm damage and roof penetration, to build up of debris and mold accumulation. Learn more about our commercial roofing services.

After we’ve inspected your business’ roof, our roofing contractors will confirm if you do need a commercial roof replacement.

Do I Need Commercial Roof Repairs?

A commercial roof replacement is not always necessary to resolve your roofing issues. Often times roofing issues can be resolved with a commercial roof repair, however, a repair solving your roofing issues is only possible if the issue is caught quickly. If you ignore issues with you roof for prolonged periods of time you may end up creating an even larger issue, requiring more resources to complete the repair.

As mentioned above, our roofing crew will inspect your roof for any potential issues and review the assessment with you and confirm if commercial roof repairs are an ideal way to resolve your roofing issues. Learn more about our commercial roofing services.

Free Commercial Roof Inspection

Flat Roofs by Pegram offers free residential and commercial roof inspections. Call today to request your commercial roof inspection. Call now (757) 537-1945