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A TPO Flat Roof will last you many years. Being aware of maintenance factors will help ensure you get the longest life possible out of your commercial roof. Here are 5 common maintenance issues you should be aware of:

1. Gutters and Drains
With regular inspections and proper maintenance, gutters and drains will keep your flat roof in good condition. However, if they’re not kept up with serious roof damage can occur. Gutters and drains may also need to be tightened and open joints may need to be sealed from time to time. Call a professional to have regular gutter cleanings and to fix any blockages.

2. Bird-Related Problems
Every roof is susceptible to bird-related problems. Birds will sometimes break off pieces of roofing material, add debris onto a roof, and other pesky things. If a bird has found your roof as a good home base, they’re likely building their nest which can create a blockage. This means water won’t be able to escape the roof and drain correctly.

If you see signs of nesting or bird activity, call a qualified wildlife control expert. Some birds are protected by the The Migratory Bird Treaty making it illegal to remove any bird, nest, or egg.

3. Trim Nearby Trees
If you have trees with branches that hang over or touch your roof, trim them back. You don’t want any branches to fall onto or rub up against and scrape your roof. Moss can also make its way from a nearby tree onto your roof and begin to spread, harming your roof.

4. Watch For Pile Ups
Unless you’re growing a rooftop garden (and we suspect you’re not) sweep off leaves and dirt that can accumulate and turn into mulch over time. In the winter, be aware of standing snow that puts extra weight and strain on your roof. Consider hiring a professional for snow removal as many injuries occur each year.

5. Check Your Flashing
Regularly check the flashing for cracked caulking, which can be easily removed and replaced. Don’t wait for a leak or a problem to arise.

If you’re following regular maintenance, be sure to read our post on when is a roofing issue an insurance claim.

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